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Welcome to our Video Wellness Series:

Thoracic Performance Boost Concept

In this 1 minute clip, Bobbie Rasmann, PT introduces the concept of a simple way to improve function and performance by improving thoracic mobility.

Addressing Thoracic Stiffness To Improve Performance

In this 1 minute clip, Bobbie Rasmann, PT further explains the cascade of thoracic stiffness and how it steals your performance and function. Once you understand this you can be receptive to her tip.

Diaphragm Breathing Basics

Do you understand the link between breathing and stress reduction? Morgan Wagner, DPT clearly explains this link in this short video. Breathing technique is one of the best and most basic ways that we can take control of the rampant stress in these times.

The Covid Stress Reboot

A simple, gentle, and powerful way to release deep stress and tension in your body.

  • Discover how your body was designed and what you can do!
  • Feel younger, more vital as you slow the degeneration process!
  • Avoid unnecessary suffering, medications, surgeries, injuries, etc!
  • Free, life changing information for those who want the most out of life!

Sleeping Giant Commercial

Pure motivation and inspiration for YOU!

The Founder

This 30 second back exercise that is often helpful for relieving back pain while building core stability.

Sit Ups: Poor Choice for your Low Back.

  • Its surprising how many people think Sit-Ups and Crunches are good for the low back.
  • For most, this exercise does more harm than good…stressing the already injured discs of the low back.
  • Additionally, sit-ups do not build core stability like many think.

Try this Prone Decompression to Immediately Help your Low Back.

We are seeing accelerated degenerative disc disease at epidemic levels. This prone decompression exercise developed by Dr. Eric Goodman, is a simple way to build up the infrastructure of the low back and help heal the discs. Do it every day and feel the difference! ***I forgot to emphasize on the video: really squeeze the object between the knees firmly while performing.

Save Big: Understand the Difference Between Necessary and Unnecessary Pain.

You and I will never escape the harsh reality: there will always be pain and suffering in this life. However, when we look deeper, we are far more in control of our pain and suffering than we think. The key lies in investing in the necessary discomfort of self care in order to avoid that which is far worse…pain which is unnecessary and preventable.

  • In this video you will understand why the phrase “lift with your legs” is insufficient and can get you into trouble.
  • You will understand how you can protect your back when lifting.
  • You will see examples of proper movement with the bend and lift, generating power and movement through the hips.
  • You will be inspired to move in ways that build up the body as it was designed and avoid destructive movement.